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  • TALK: Ignite's National Day of Action April 5, 2008

    Can't make it to Austin to celebrate KBD with us on Saturday April 5th?  Don't worry - you can take action in your own community on the 5th. Ignite is a national youth-led movement focusing...

  • TALK: National Conference Video Released!

    Check it out. It's all finished!   National Conference '07Uploaded by CatalystMovement  

  • TALK: Nat Con 2007

    Nat Con 2007October 23rd – 26th, MinneapolisActivists from all around the U.S. gathered in MN this past week for the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. There were around 3,000 people in attendance. The conference...

  • TALK: Catalyst hits the Downtown Journal

    Check-out this awesome article from the Downtown Journal about the Nat Con rally: http://downtownjournal.com/index.php?currentIssue=7139&publication=downtown&action=searchArchive&searchString=catalyst&searchPubs=downtown&dateFrom=&dateTo=&order=date&numResults=10&page=65&story=10287&fromArchives=fromArchives&archivePage=100   Hundreds rally outside Convention Center to promote smoke-free policies By Joey Peters  Hundreds gathered from around the country Thursday to celebrate a...

  • NEWS: Catalyst Members make the Star Tribune

    Catalyst rocked the National Conference and even made it into the paper!            Read the story, it rocks!   http://www.startribune.com/1244/story/1509238.htmlSouthwest High students Lauren Olson, left, and Mary Kubo, both 15, showed support for Minnesota’s smoking ban during...

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