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Mariah Kate Geiger's Blog

Minnesota's Very Own Farm to School Documentary

created at: 2012/04/30Hey Guys!

Twin Cities Public Television, the University of Minnesota Extension Program, and the Minnesota Department of Health recently teamed up to create a super-cool documentary about Farm to School in Minnesota.  You can hear from local farmers, health advocates, and economists on the benefits of Farm to School, what initiatives have been taken, challenges they face, and why Farm to School should be a priority across Minnesota.  

This video is awesome for a number of reasons-

1) It means a whole bunch of people are in suppor of and encouraging your school's administration to participate in Farm to School.   

2) As more schools participate, more farmers will respond, changing the face of Minnesota's agricultural sector little by little.  Local farming is better for you, the animals, the environment, and the local economy.  We just need to make the change.

3) A farmer in the video, from Ferndale Farms, is a farmer that MY SCHOOL is partnered with to bring great-tasting, local turkey to our school weekly.

4) It isn't very long, but it is very informative on the local state of Farm to School programs, which isn't easy information to find.

5) It is something you can show your friends, parents, teachers, and especially school administration.  Show them that they should care about this issue!

You can watch the video here.

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"When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization."

- Daniel Webster

Lots of Love and Smiles,

Mariah Kate



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