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Mariah Kate Geiger's Blog

Get Moving!


created at: 2012/04/01

As I formulate this blog lounging in my bed, I am thinking of everything I have left to do today.  There are the things I have to do, like reading and studying for classes and deciding on my class schedule for next year.  There are the things I want to do, like talk to my friends and make fun plans for outside of school.  And then there are those things I should do.  The main one—exercise.  I will be the first one to admit that getting moving, which is essential to your health, is really, really hard.  But since it is also something that is important to me, I have developed solutions for people who are afraid of physical activity or simply too busy to put it on their schedule.

One of the most common suggestions teenagers receive to motivate them to get active and have fun is to join a sport.  But what if you’re not competitive, you have a strange talent for being hit by flying objects, or you’re just so uncoordinated you’d be a danger to your teammates?  (By the way, I am raising my hand for all of these.)  You can still exercise, and maybe even have fun and bond with an awesome group of people- here’s how:

-Get an exercise buddy.  You don’t need practices to make you get up and get moving, and you don’t need a team to have fun with friends.  When I make a date to head to the gym, go on a walk, or head out for a bike ride with a friend, I am more motivated to go, even if I get busy, and we always have a ton of fun!

-Form a team of people like you.  Wouldn’t kickball be so much fun if everyone you played with were equally terrible?  Ultimate Frisbee would be a lot less scary if you didn’t think someone was going to go a little overboard on the competitiveness and knock you over, right?  If you know enough people you wouldn’t be embarrassed to throw the football the completely wrong direction in front of to form a team, get them together and form a group that spends more time laughing than tackling.  Maybe try a sport no one has even played yet, like broomball (in the winter), or rugby, or QUIDDITCH!  Or invent your own!

-Still allergic to competitive sports?  Ever thought of dancing?  I’m serious!  Take a basic ballroom class or watch videos on youtube.  Dancing is one of my favorite ways to get active, and you don’t have to be really good.  It is just a time to laugh along with your friends.  If you are into Latin dancing or even just popular music today, find a Zumba class in your area and try this super cool combo of Latin dancing and aerobics. 

“But Mariah, I’m too busy to do any of that!” No worries, I was once in your shoes.  Finding time to exercise is all about prioritizing.  But if you don’t even have any time to prioritize, you can still get moving. 

-Always, always, always, no matter how many floors you have to go up or how tired you are, take the stairs.  Depending on how many places you have to go in a day, this can make a huge difference.

-Walk as much as you can.  I know some areas are better suited for this than others, but whether it is parking your car far away in the parking lot or walking to commute, walking is fun and can help you be healthy.  It can also be faster than taking the bus or trying to find a more convenient parking spot.

-Lots of homework?  Do it while moving.  I never go to the gym without a mound of reading for class.  The stationary bike is the perfect place to do your reading.  Many other stationary machines work too.  If you don’t have a gym membership, you can do what I did in high school and do sit ups or Pilates side kick exercises. 

I hope this helped you get some new ideas for getting moving in a fun way.  Find out what motivates you and keep at it!  

Quotation of the Week-
“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
-Edward Stanley

Do you guys have any great ideas for getting active?  Try any of my suggestions?  Tell me about it in the comments.

Love and Smiles,



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