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Diane's Blog

Catalystville in Political Action

To all the Catalyst Summit attendees who got active in the Political Action session:

I wanted to say thanks and I had a super fun time seeing you all advocate your positions - whether you were the restaurant association (Cookies of Doom or the Red Grill), Triple C (Concerned Citizens of Catalystville), the evil Tobacco Industry, or the critically questioning elected officials on the City Council.  I hope you took something out of the session and I look forward to seeing you speak your minds again soon!

Paz y <3,

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DT!!!! Omg How was your concert??? I bet it was AMAZING! I miss you like CrAzY!!!!!  *nikki
"chiken kills u from all the cholestoral"
COOKIES of DOOM !!! good times!
Yay rah Team Tobacco! (as appropriate to do when in the presence of THE KATIE CHAPIN;-)
hey what about Team Tobacco!!!!!  (that was never eaqlly official, but its our name)

Yeah City Council for Coookies of Death!

OMGs! How did I forget to mention Katelyn?  Wow, that totally threw me off while on the stairs - I didn't know whether to cry or laugh hysterically!?!  RioTous!
haha. don't forget about katelyn!
Fluffy Bunnies All the WAY!
Yeah, Yeah, Cookies of Doom!
Represent, Cookies of Doom!!
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